Photo of a smile, before and after new crowns.

Before & After: Crown replacement

This patient hated her crowns. They were done 10 years ago to mask her tetracycline-stained teeth.

She also had an open bite. Several other doctors told her she needed to have her jaw broken, braces, and 28 crowns done to restore her bite. She was very concerned about having “fake looking teeth”.

To top all that off, she is phobic, and wanted to be sedated to have any dental work.

Encinitas smile makeover, 2015. Jeff. Moonlight Beach Dental.

Encinitas smile makeover: Restoring a smile & dental health

I met Jeff through his wife, who had been a patient of mine for years. Jeff had not been to the dentist in 25 years, and what finally brought him in was a promise he had made to his daughter.

Jeff was grieving the sudden and unexpected loss of his daughter this summer. The promise he had made to her was to “be healthy”- and he already knew that he had many issues concerning his dental health.