Patient smiles after a crown restoration

Before & After: Replacing old crowns with modern ones

Over 10 years ago, this patient had some facial trauma as a child, and had 4 crowns done by her childhood dentist to fix it. As gorgeous as she already is, the crowns were too “gummy”, and appeared grey underneath from the way they had been done.

We redid just 4 of them, and now her veneers match her youth, they’re whiter and brighter, and the tissue has adapted much better around these.

Before and after comparison: Bad crowns vs. Good crowns.

Before & After: See the difference of crowns done well

I think this is it… the perfect example of the difference crowns done well can make.

You can see in the before pics, how the existing crowns from another dentist make the patient look 10 years older.

And in the afters, you’ll see how by replacing just 4 teeth in a single visit, she looks 10 years younger.

Photo of a smile, before and after new crowns.

Before & After: Crown replacement

This patient hated her crowns. They were done 10 years ago to mask her tetracycline-stained teeth.

She also had an open bite. Several other doctors told her she needed to have her jaw broken, braces, and 28 crowns done to restore her bite. She was very concerned about having “fake looking teeth”.

To top all that off, she is phobic, and wanted to be sedated to have any dental work.