Before & After: Personal Trainer Gets A Bigger Smile

This is Shannon, a personal trainer here in Encinitas. Needless to say, Shannon is in excellent shape, but she always felt very self-conscious about her smile -so much so that when she smiled, she never did so fully – opting to hide them behind her bottom lip!

When her fiance found out about this, he decided nothing should keep her from having a big smile, so he came to me and bought her Invisalign for her birthday.

Are you allergic to certain metals? Photo of a patient who was

Are You Allergic To The Metal In Your Braces?

Most people don’t realize that they have a metal allergy. They also don’t realize that standard braces contain nickel and the wires contain nickel titanium.

This patient had a severe inflammatory reaction to the braces from another dentist. She was probably told by the dentist that she wasn’t brushing enough around her brackets – when in fact it was due to an allergy.

What an Invisalign treatment looks like at the halfway mark: Before & After

What an Invisalign treatment looks like at the halfway mark

This patient is 60 years old and he’s got Invisalign to correct an underbite that is causing excessive wear to his front teeth.

As you can see in the before photos, his upper teeth are short due to their position and wear from the lower teeth.

Using Invisalign, we are correcting the “end to end” bite, and pulling the front teeth into the proper position.

He’s only 6 months into treatment, but already halfway through.