They used to call me Dr. Vane... Now they call me Dr. Bane

Rotating Different Face Masks

I’m needing to rotate my respirators lately, due to welts on my face, TMJ pain, dry mouth, and headaches from wearing them all day at work.

Check out this new one!  I hope you recognize me the next time you see me.

They used to call me Vane… Now they call me Bane!

Hypochlorous Acid At The Dentist

Who is making hypochlorous acid for fogging and sterilizing the rooms?  We are!

Is it going to melt through the floors like in Alien? Nope, that’s slightly different.

Hypochlorous acid is widely used as a disinfectant, and it’s highly effective against viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens.

Summer is Nearly Here

Summer Is Nearly Here

Spring is almost over. June is here, and Summer is around the corner.

It’s just in time too, because after the extended shelter-in-place, it’s time to get outside.

If you’re not wearing a mask 24/7, maybe it’s time to spruce up your smile and present a new you to the world.

Encinitas dentist Dr. Nicole Vane is open for dental emergencies during COVID.

We’re Ready: With Full CDC Compliance & Beyond

We’ve been open for dental emergencies this whole time, but not for regular checkups and visits.

It looks like Governor Newsom has pushed back the date to start bringing patients in for regular recare and cleaning visits. But rest assured we are ready with extra precautions. And we’re ready to treat our patients who we miss dearly!

How Ozone Can Kill the COVID Virus

Ozone As An Oxidizer That Can Kill The COVID Virus

Ozone creates ozonides and oxides – mostly a free radical oxygen – and that oxygen can break the lipid barrier coating on the virus capsule so it essentially kills and oxidizes the virus on contact.

If you don’t have access to ozone, you can also use different forms of peroxide. Food-grade peroxide can also kill the lipid coating on the virus, and most of our cleaners we use here in the office are peroxide-based for that reason.