Patient in Encinitas office before mercury removal.

Getting A Mercury Filling Worked On? Find A Dentist Trained To Do It Safely

In July, a study published in The Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology found that drilling dental amalgam generates particulate that volatilizes significant amounts of mercury vapor generally for more than an hour after removal. The levels of mercury vapor created by this procedure frequently exceed the safety thresholds of several jurisdictions and agencies.

In other words, you really want to find a dentist trained to remove amalgam safely.

Does charcoal in juice remove mercury?

Does charcoal in juice remove mercury?

There is some evidence to suggest that activated charcoal, as well as other agents, may be helpful in removing harmful toxicants, such as mercury.

The theory is that since charcoal is highly porous, and since charcoal is not digested, it can be used to safely absorb a variety of drugs and chemicals.

I recently read about a company called Pressed Juicery makes a juice product which is delivered via postal mail.

It turns out that activated charcoal in juice is a trend that has started to get momentum.

Mercury removal video

Mercury Removal Video

A new video about mercury removal. Whether or not the normal amount of mercury vapor released by mercury fillings is significant, in any case, my primary concern about mercury fillings (amalgam) is when the teeth containing those materials break.

2-hour smile makeover, after

2 hour smile makeover by dental ninjas

Every client that comes in is unique. We combine a variety of different techniques and treatments to create a better smile for them.

Some of our patients come in and have been insecure with their teeth for years. Others are afraid. So they’re often taken back when the entire visit goes by without pain, and they have a great smile in only a couple hours. They wonder what they were waiting for and why they didn’t do it sooner.

We’re like like dental ninjas.