Summer is Nearly Here

Summer Is Nearly Here

Spring is almost over. June is here, and Summer is around the corner.

It’s just in time too, because after the extended shelter-in-place, it’s time to get outside.

If you’re not wearing a mask 24/7, maybe it’s time to spruce up your smile and present a new you to the world.

The inside of a tooth is very porous. Imagine a visual of thousands of drinking straws stacked together. All these thousands of stacked tubules, are what the tooth's nerve fiber floats in and permeates. Painless root canals at Moonlight Beach Dental in Encinitas remove decay and debris from these canals in a far superior fashion.

Painless Root Canals That Clean To Near-Sterilization

Fifty years ago, if a dentist told you that you needed a root canal, it was really bad news for you. It meant you were in for a very painful and traumatic procedure, where the dentist drill open your tooth before using little metal instruments to ream out the inside of the tooth repeatedly. Needless to say, it hurt a lot and it was a very traumatic. Doesn’t that sound barbaric? Shockingly, that’s still how most dentists do root canals today.

But what if we told you there was a new, modern way that not only provided superior cleaning of the canals, but it was also totally painless?

An overview of the benefits Moonlight Beach Dental offers you

New Video Highlights Your Benefits At Moonlight Beach Dental

I’ve really been looking forward to this video being done, and now it’s here!

I wanted to make a video highlighting some of the key benefits that Moonlight Beach Dental offers people.

At the same time, the video highlights Moonlight Beach Dental’s whole-body, biologic philosophy – meaning that since teeth are connected to the body, dental health can effect overall health.