Dramatically lit Fotona laser

The Best Dental Laser Available Is Now In Encinitas: No Pain, Gentle, Fast Procedures

Last week I mentioned that we had two big announcements to make. The first of those was the Moonlight Beach Dental Savings Plan, our in-house solution for those that don’t have (or want) dental insurance to receive regular, quality dental care at the most reasonable pricing possible. The second is that we have purchased a…

Title card for the Moonlight Beach Dental Savings Plan: A better alternative to dental insurance

New: The Moonlight Beach Dental Savings Plan

Every day, people are becoming more aware of the position that dental insurance is not worth paying for out of pocket. Even if you’re in a best-case situation where your employer pays for your dental insurance, it’s a sad day for you when you realize that dental insurance is less like actual insurance and more…

Badly worn teeth

Worn enamel is not normal.

Worn enamel is simply not normal.

On average, a human with a normal occlusion (bite) should have less than 1mm of wear in 90 years of life.

So patients with 2-3 mm of wear by the age of 40 are pretty much suffering from over 270 years worth of wear!

Encinitas Juicery

Oh! Juice Encinitas

There is a new juicer in Encinitas, and their name is Oh! Juice Cafe. They’re located next door to Lofty Coffee Co.

I recently enjoyed a gluten-free bowl of homemade probiotic vegan coconut yogurt with fresh fruit. I also had a turmeric/pepper/coconut milk steamed drink.

Video: Hidden tooth & Jaw Infections

Video: Hidden tooth infections

In this new video, Dr. Vane talks about hidden infections in the mouth & how much one tooth can affect your overall health, the infections and bacteria in teeth can circulate through the body, x-rays and why we take them, wisdom teeth removal, root canals and how decay can trickle into the root of the tooth.

Video: Diet & Dental Health

Video: The effects of diet on dental health

In this new video, Dr. Vane talks about the effects of diet upon dental health and development: The theory that sugar and modern food have increased the amount of tartar and decay, teeth crowding and development, recommended reading on understanding how food effects dental health, and foods that aid in proper dental development.

Video: Arch development issues

Video: Dental arch development issues

In this video, Dr. Vane talks about dental arch development: proper development of the bones and the jaws, how important this is for children so all teeth can come in properly and the airway can be unobstructed, how old-fashioned orthodontics can restrict the airway in adults, and wisdom teeth and space in jaws.

Digital tooth scan

Video: How working with an AACD certified dental lab benefits you

Lately we’ve been working with a AACD certified dental lab. It’s actually very difficult to find one of these expert technicians that can do a lot of our beautiful porcelain work.

In a previous video, we talked about one-day smiles, where if someone wants a start-to-finish smile design done in one day, but we also use another lab for complex bite and esthetic cases, or cases where we need to do tissue alteration to get the ideal result. For this, we work with a lab here in San Diego that has been doing dentistry here in San Diego for 15 years, but for the past 10 years, he’s been certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which is one of the most prestigious certifications you can get.

Rachelle, measuring a California Spiny Lobster. This one was too short, and was released.

Diving for California spiny lobster

There’s a million reasons to love Encinitas and San Diego. Probably one of the biggest reasons is the ocean.

Many people don’t know that our own ocean is home to California spiny lobster.

Our own RDA, Rachelle, recently got her California Spiny Lobster license, so I put her in contact with our web site and marketing guru, Brian – who has been diving for lobster for many years. They went diving the next day!