Before and after comparison: Bad crowns vs. Good crowns.

Before & After: See the difference of crowns done well

I think this is it… the perfect example of the difference crowns done well can make.

You can see in the before pics, how the existing crowns from another dentist make the patient look 10 years older.

And in the afters, you’ll see how by replacing just 4 teeth in a single visit, she looks 10 years younger.

Are dental X-rays necessary? Yes. Here's why.

Are dental X-rays necessary? Yes. Here’s why.

Many patients are concerned about X-rays. They want to know how many dental X-rays we take, and if X-rays are really necessary.

My own mother is concerned about x-ray exposure. She’s never had a cavity. Then one day she had tooth pain, and we only through X-ray technology did we find a giant abscess on a root – one that left untreated, may have developed into a very serious, life-threatening condition.

Should teenagers have teeth extracted to make room for other teeth?

Should teenagers have teeth extracted to make room for other teeth?

I’d estimate that around 9 out of 10 orthodontists would recommend that teenagers (who are done growing) extract 4 teeth to “make space” for the crowded front teeth.

This may be necessary in some cases, but in some situations, I don’t feel it’s always a necessity.

Take a look at this case from we performed in conjunction with one of our orthodontic referral partners.