A walk on the beach in Encinitas

I stepped out yesterday after work and took a long walk on Moonlight Beach – just 2 blocks from the office.

If you are having a long procedure done, or if you’re nervous about dental treatment, we can schedule breaks for you to take a healing walk on the beach, so you can cleanse you energy and change your mental state.

New consult room

Office expansions, El Callejon Encinitas, new restaurant

If you’re an Encinitas local, you may have seen heard about or seen the changes happening here in Moonlight Plaza.

Most prominently, El Callejon Encinitas is now gone. The building they occupied for many years is being completely gutted, renovated and remodeled. This was a controversial news for some, but believe me – this is all a good thing.

But what’s up with the picture above? How many Moonlight Beach Dental buildings are there now? Let me tell you.

Better Buzz Encinitas

Buzzing at Better Buzz Encinitas

One of the many reasons we’re lucky to live in Encinitas is the fact that we have some truly amazing coffee shops here.

I love Lofty Coffee and Ironsmith, and now we have a third excellent coffee shop: Better Buzz Encinitas.

cold sore

Cold sores

Ever since I was a child, I’ve suffered from cold sores. 80-90% of the population does.

Before an outbreak, I used to take antiviral medications like acyclovir or Valcyclovir in order to prevent any blistering, which can be painful and unsightly. However, lately I’ve used 2 easy remedies that are natural.

Encinitas smile makeover, 2015. Jeff. Moonlight Beach Dental.

Encinitas smile makeover: Restoring a smile & dental health

I met Jeff through his wife, who had been a patient of mine for years. Jeff had not been to the dentist in 25 years, and what finally brought him in was a promise he had made to his daughter.

Jeff was grieving the sudden and unexpected loss of his daughter this summer. The promise he had made to her was to “be healthy”- and he already knew that he had many issues concerning his dental health.

Pictured: CEREC machine. This machine alone costs nearly $200,000, and Moonlight Beach Dental was one of the first dentists in Encinitas to get one.

Cerec on TV & Cerec in Encinitas

Lately, you may have noticed a bunch of commercials for Cerec on TV from the company 1-800-DENTIST.

I gather what they are trying to do in these ads is brand Cerec as one and the same as the concept of same-day dentistry, in the same way that most people say Kleenex instead of facial tissue.

Whether or not this becomes a thing, I want everyone to know that Moonlight Beach Dental has been providing Cerec in Encinitas since we opened our doors almost 2 years ago. Here’s more about it.

2Good2B Encinitas

2Good2B Encinitas

Last week I posted about GoodOnYa, and all organic, gluten-free cafe. This week I want to post about my other favorite gluten-free bakery in Encinitas, 2Good2B.

Located at 204 N. El Camino Real, 2Good2B is a full gourmet bakery, where “everything is delicious, without gluten, corn or soy”.

GoodOnYa, Encinitas

GoodOnYa Encinitas

As you probably know, I am a health-nut and a foodie. And when I find a place I like, I like to praise it.

GoodOnYa is an all organic, gluten-free cafe and juice bar located at 1051 S. Coast Hwy, near Hansen’s. You’ve probably seen the distinctive blue building.

Cal Pacific Orchid Farm, Encinitas

Cal Pacific Orchid Farm, Encinitas

I always like to highlight local Encinitas businesses I like, and today I want to put a spotlight on Cal Pacific Orchid Farm.

An orchid farm in Encinitas? It’s here, you’ve just probably never seen it. Located at 1122 Orpheus Ave in Leucadia. Orpheus is on the South side of (and runs parallel to) the 5 freeway.

Kathy is the owner, and she’s been here for over 15 years. She creates amazing custom designs for a number of clients – my office included.

Doug, certified service dog for emotional support. Moonlight Beach Dental

Comfort From A Dog

There’s few things that can come between the bond between man and dog.

Here’s a happy patient, and a happy dog.

This patient has a cocker spaniel at home, and he wanted Doug’s company today to keep him comfortable during his service. It worked.

Doug loves helping to keep our patients happy and relaxed!

Dr. Jenna Khoury, Moonlight Beach Dental

Welcome Dr. Jenna Khoury

Welcome to the Moonlight Beach Dental team, Dr. Jenna Koury!

Dr. Khoury is a San Diego native who earned both her doctorate (DMD), and specialty certification in Pediatric Dentistry from the prestigious Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. Dedicated to pursuing excellence in her field, Dr. Khoury has also earned the title of Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Amongst other accolades, the Consumers’ Research Council of America has named her one of America’s Top Dentists in her field for four consecutive years.

Dr. Laurie Gan, Moonlight Beach Dental, Encinitas

Welcome back Dr. Laurie Gan!

We are very happy to welcome back Dr. Laurie Gan to Moonlight Beach Dental!

If you’ve been in Encinitas for long, you probably already know Dr. Gan. She was the owner of 32 The Art of Dentistry, the practice she sold to Dr. Vane, which became Moonlight Beach Dental.

tooth gap fill before

Fix the gap in your teeth

If you have a gap in your teeth that you don’t like, you can get it fixed in about an hour – with no numbing!

This patient had a gap that always bothered her fixed in one hour. Check out the after pic!

moonlight beach dental privacy and relaxation suite

New: Dental Privacy & Relaxation Suite

We have expanded our office to add a detached dental privacy and relaxation suite.

It actually feels more like a spa!

This bigger room is perfect for those that have fears or anxieties, that are sensitive to the smells (drilling) and sounds (drilling) found in a dentist’s office, or for celebrities and people for whom privacy is a concern.

I’m very proud of this, because we’ve made something that few other dentists in Encinitas or even San Diego have done or can do.

Check out some of the features!