1 day dental work

Same-day dental work saves you time and money

At our Encinitas practice, you can get most things done in a single visit, whereas in many (if not most) dental offices this takes 2-3 visits and many hours of your time.

The picture below shows 3 crowns. See if you can spot the differences.

2 of them we made in a single visit, and they look and feel like completely natural teeth.

The other was made by another dentist. This crown took at least 2 visits, plus it looks like hot buttered popcorn.

Brooke, Moonlight Beach Dental Encinitas

Welcome Brooke

Meet Brooke, our new treatment and schedule coordinator. A San Diego native, she’s been in the dental world since 2012, helping patients with their insurance questions and scheduling appointments.

Today: Our 6 month anniversary!

Today is our 6-month anniversary! Here is a photo celebrating the awesomeness at Moonlight Beach Dental. We’re #1! We’re almost certainly the top dentistry called Moonlight Beach Dental in the entire world!

Thank you to everyone in Encinitas – and beyond. We couldn’t have done it without you.

East Village Encinitas

East Village Encinitas

East Village Asian Diner is located a couple blocks from Moonlight Beach Dental – and it’s the bomb dot com.You can’t go wrong with their signature item, the Monk’s Stone Pot – a big metal pot filled with rice, veggies and meat or tofu.Affordable, cool, easy and fun. Robots on the walls and Japanese cartoons playing on the screens.