Teeth lengthened: Before and after a try-in

Restoring Tooth Length

This patient is young and ground his teeth down.

We’ve been moving his teeth subtlety with Invisalign to correct the deep bite and to create clearance so that when we restore the tooth length we will not have to drill the teeth down.

Today we did laser re-contouring and a full arch mock up try in that he can wear for a few weeks to test the new bite! we really lengthened the teeth and we want to test drive the esthetics, function and phonetics!

Tooth Extraction

Little To No Pain For Extractions & Root Canals? Here’s Proof

Ahh! What is that, you say? This here is an extracted tooth with a little something extra on it. The patient came in for a different treatment, but we noticed a “pimple” that was draining on the gum. That pimple was a fistula, and it was pus draining from a failing root canal that was performed years prior at another dentist.

Patient smiles after a crown restoration

Before & After: Replacing old crowns with modern ones

Over 10 years ago, this patient had some facial trauma as a child, and had 4 crowns done by her childhood dentist to fix it. As gorgeous as she already is, the crowns were too “gummy”, and appeared grey underneath from the way they had been done.

We redid just 4 of them, and now her veneers match her youth, they’re whiter and brighter, and the tissue has adapted much better around these.

What an Invisalign treatment looks like at the halfway mark: Before & After

What an Invisalign treatment looks like at the halfway mark

This patient is 60 years old and he’s got Invisalign to correct an underbite that is causing excessive wear to his front teeth.

As you can see in the before photos, his upper teeth are short due to their position and wear from the lower teeth.

Using Invisalign, we are correcting the “end to end” bite, and pulling the front teeth into the proper position.

He’s only 6 months into treatment, but already halfway through.

Digital tooth scan

Video: How working with an AACD certified dental lab benefits you

Lately we’ve been working with a AACD certified dental lab. It’s actually very difficult to find one of these expert technicians that can do a lot of our beautiful porcelain work.

In a previous video, we talked about one-day smiles, where if someone wants a start-to-finish smile design done in one day, but we also use another lab for complex bite and esthetic cases, or cases where we need to do tissue alteration to get the ideal result. For this, we work with a lab here in San Diego that has been doing dentistry here in San Diego for 15 years, but for the past 10 years, he’s been certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which is one of the most prestigious certifications you can get.