How to shop for a dentist after you've moved.

How To Shop For A Dentist After You’ve Moved

I see posts all the time on NextDoor and Facebook from people who have moved to a new town or city, and they’re looking for recommendations for a new dentist.

Here are 3 simple things to look for when you are looking for a dentist, so that you can avoid unnecessary pain and suffering and save yourself both time and money.

Photos of bad, cheap dental work that was done across the Mexican border. These fillings look like patchwork, like parts were drilled out, and as if there are 3-5 different types of fillings in a tooth.

Scary, Cheap Dental Fillings From A Bargain Dentist (Pics)

Some people on Facebook love to try and bait me to argue with them that they can go across the Mexican border to get cheap dental work that is “great”. 

Of course, these people are simply wrong.  There’s no point in arguing with them, because what do I know?  I’m just a dentist that graduated at the top of my class from Tufts, and I’ve fixed hundreds of cases of poor dental work from other dentists.

A street vendor in Morocco selling dentures

What Do You Want From Your Dentist: Quality Work Or Cheap Work?

A friend sent me this photo she took on her trip in Morocco. In many areas of the world, access to proper dental care is limited by a number of socioeconomic factors.

While I’ve never seen a gentleman like this guy selling teeth at Kobey’s Swap Meet, I realize that many in the US neglect their dental health for many reasons: financial, fear, and sometimes plain ignorance.  Often it’s a mix of these reasons.

A dental nightguard

This is a dental night guard.

It’s common for people to grind and damage their teeth during sleep. In the past, people had a hard time understanding this, but as we take digital impressions, I can show people exactly what’s happening in their own mouth using 3D models.

These tiny dental night guards are completely unobtrusive, comfortable, fit perfectly, and they protect your teeth from the wear and tear of nightly grinding in your sleep.

Ever hear about supposed cheap dental work in Mexico? You get what you pay for.

Going to Mexico for cheap dental work? You will get cheap dental work.

Since we live so close to the Mexico border, every once in a while you hear a story about someone that goes to Tijuana in order to “save money” on “cheap” dental work.

If this is something you’ve considered, I implore you to read this post. If you don’t want to read, please understand this:

If you go to a “cheap” dentist, anywhere, you will always get “cheap” dental work that will end up costing you more money in the long run.