An overview of the benefits Moonlight Beach Dental offers you

New Video Highlights Your Benefits At Moonlight Beach Dental

I’ve really been looking forward to this video being done, and now it’s here!

I wanted to make a video highlighting some of the key benefits that Moonlight Beach Dental offers people.

At the same time, the video highlights Moonlight Beach Dental’s whole-body, biologic philosophy – meaning that since teeth are connected to the body, dental health can effect overall health.

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment via Laser

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment Via Laser

In this post, I talk about a laser treatment that is highly effective at opening up the airway and reducing problems from sleep apnea and snoring. It also happens to be completely painless and requires no anesthetic. My patient Brian discusses what the treatment is like, how it worked for him, and you’ll actually get to see the treatment happening.

Tooth Extraction

Little To No Pain For Extractions & Root Canals? Here’s Proof

Ahh! What is that, you say? This here is an extracted tooth with a little something extra on it. The patient came in for a different treatment, but we noticed a “pimple” that was draining on the gum. That pimple was a fistula, and it was pus draining from a failing root canal that was performed years prior at another dentist.